Review of William Hill Casino

One of the major players when it comes to online gambling and casinos is William Hill. This online gambling giant is an old player in the casino industry with almost 70 years’ presence. You name it, they have it – poker, casino, bingo, sports betting. Not only this, they have also ventured into the world of financial betting. So, whatever you are looking for in terms of adventure, money and excitement, you will find everything when you visit William Hill casino. This online casino has not just excelled in the variety of games it offers to the customers, but also excels in the design, technology and safety features of its websites.


Let us start by taking a look at the advance software and the technology behind it. All the games operating on William Hill website – be it table games, monopoly or any of the big games that it has to offer – work smoothly no matter what device you are using. You will not notice any technology glitch when it comes to using their websites or apps. It is very easy to install the software and once installed there is no looking back. The software is technology-driven and was developed with user experience in mind. Still, if you are having any second thoughts, you can opt for the “play before you pay” offer which is a unique way they provide which allows you to experience their casino firsthand, and then you can start spending money and enjoying your games.


When you go for William Hill casino, as a newcomer you get rewarded with a bonus of €1000 after your first deposit. This is an exclusive bonus. All you need to do is sign up for this online casino and your first deposit will be matched 100% as a bonus (up to €1000). In addition to this bonus, there is much more to look forward to. With your second deposit you also get an opportunity to earn. The minimum deposit amount for the second time is €40 and the bonus amount this time can be up to €500.

This is not all; there is more when it comes to promotions at William Hill casino. For one year after you join this casino, you get €300 as a monthly deposit bonus for 12 consecutive months. How? Well, it so happens that William Hill gives 20% of your deposit every month as a bonus and this bonus amount can go up to €300 each month. With so many promotion schemes going on, it is a win-win situation for all the players who are interested in some serious gambling.

Loyalty Program

For people who are regulars at William Hill, they have an amazing offer under their loyalty program. The whole loyalty program works on the basis of comp-points. Every time you play, you earn some points. There is a VIP ladder and an individual goes up the ladder as he or she accumulates points. So the more you play, the more points you accumulate and faster you move up the VIP ladder. With every €10 you spend on bets, you earn 1 comp-point. There are opportunities to play certain games wherein the comp-points gets doubled. Keep looking out for them. Once accumulated, these comp-points can be used for getting instant cash and other bonuses.

Overall, William Hill casino is a good bet if you want to earn money, have fun, enjoy gambling and earn bonuses. The games are smooth without any problem in terms of technology, it is a safe bet as they take utmost care of security and you will thoroughly enjoy the experience.