Betser Sportsbook Bonus

Hero Gaming has come up with a brand new product called Betser. Hero Gaming is not new in the casino business, and has been there for a long time, known for its innovative approach to casinos and games. They have launched Betser for all the players and people who are serious about gambling. Basically, Betser is a sportsbook and players across the globe had wanted something like this for a long time. Everyone has been waiting for something new, and here they have it in Betser. A fresh new concept in the gambling world, this sportsbook is not just a relief for new generation players but experienced gamblers are also happy about it.

There is more. With Betser’s launch, there are so many other things that have been introduced. An amazing loyalty program, promotions, offers; there is so much more for serious players on offer here. It is always considered good to award players who keep coming back and are loyal to one system. In the online gambling scenario, rewarding loyal players is not a new concept, but the way it is done by Betser, it is simply amazing.

Players get various types of points like Brains and Balls points depending on the type of bets they are placing. Of course, the kind of risk players take with their bets is directly related to the kind of points they will be rewarded with. More risks mean more points. If you look at it, then it is the best solution a player can think of. With Betser sportsbook, players win the money through their bets plus they also get rewarded for simply placing the bets. What else can a player ask for? The players get the opportunity to win these Brains and Balls points by playing casino and table games too.

Once a player receives the points, the question is what can these points be used for? Players can easily redeem these points in the Locker Room. Basically, players can avail offers in the Locker Room by redeeming their Brains and Balls points. Players can get free spins or free bets by redeeming the reward points.

In addition to the points that players receive as rewards for playing games and placing bets, there are many promotional activities or offers as well run by Betser. There is the Bet Booster which provides the player with an opportunity on the best market odds. These offers are on a pre-selected combination of matches. Then there are Moneyback offers wherein players can get their money back. The name itself is self-explanatory however the benefit is not. So here not just the earnings but the money betted is also given back to the players.

The system is pretty secure and utmost care for safety is taken. The details are not shared with third parties and players can relax while placing their bets. Other promotions include Twosome and Threesome offers. As the name suggests, in this case there is enough opportunity for the players to actually get double or even triple their payouts.

In addition to promotional offers and rewards, one can also fight for the top league position. Every player who earns reward points move up the point ladder. The one who succeeds is rewarded with even more offers and rewards. It is the Betser way of ensuring that healthy competition is fostered and players are always eager to play, earn and enjoy more at the same time.

It is a platform for all players – serious or novice. So if you want to experience the best in the gambling world, then you ought to be looking out for Betser. This sportsbook is sweeping away players of their time and energy for its right out there making gambling a better and more enjoyable experience for the players.