Betser from Hero Gaming a Gaming Hit

Hero Gaming has introduced yet another smashing hit named Betser. It is a known fact that Casino Heroes has been popular for being a gamified casino for a long time. At the same time, Betser is basically a sportsbook brand but a thousand times better. This is a comparatively newer concept and has gotten immediate attention from serious players. The concept is refreshingly new and is definitely a hit with the players who are really looking at new concepts and bored of old things. Many people are calling it a “change of generation” also. New blood is entering online casinos and they are looking for innovation, and always look for changes and better feel factor. Betser is here to stay because it offers all this and more.

Loyalty Program

In online casinos, loyalty is rewarded handsomely. Betser also takes care of it and is extremely sensitive when it comes to rewarding regular players. There are points that are offered to the players for every bet that they place. These points are either Balls or Brains points. Mainly, this works as a catalyst when it comes to luring the gamblers as there is always something in it for them. For players who are ready to take big risks, the reward is also big. So, for players playing high odd bets, Betser has Balls points to give. At the same time, players who go for low odd bets get rewarded in form of Brains points.

These points can be achieved by playing table games and other casino games too. So, basically if a player is playing then not only he gets an opportunity to win, but he also always gets an opportunity to be rewarded too. This is a way of Betser to take care of its loyal players. These points are always a treat for players because when accumulated, these points can be utilized to place more bet or spins. All these points need to be redeemed in the locker room which is basically a place where an individual can use or redeem the rewarded points for free stuff.


There are various promotion offers running in Betser which is loved by most of the players. Let us have a look at these:

  • If you want the most worthwhile market odds on a pre-selected combination of matches then you can opt for “The Bet Booster”
  • “Balls on the table” or “No Brainer” offers money back option in form of promotions. In this case, both “brainy” and “ballsy” players get something back to fall back on.

Not only this, there are many other offers and promotions running which you can avail for when you choose for Betser. It offers 100% satisfaction to every player and Betser aims at achieving excellence in customer satisfaction.

There is on-going competition when it comes to going up the ladder in terms of number of points accumulated. This is a healthy competition that keeps the players on their toes and keeps things interesting. There is so much more with Betser. Virtual games, casino, betting etc. are just a few things to name that players can indulge in. Betser is a unique place for all serious gamblers. Loyalty program, continuous promotional offers, amazing software and smooth sailing while games are on are just few things to be named which make Betser unique.

There are various payment providers available when it comes to Betser like basic bank transfer, credit card, Master Card, Skrill, Trustly, e-Pro etc. Making sure payment is safe and secure. Betser has taken care of safety and no information is shared with third parties. Players can not only enjoy Betser in English but can also have fun in other languages like Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Japanese and German.