Betser Casino Bonus a Plus for Players

Casinos can never go out of demand and there are so many out there that people have to make a choice. However, the situation becomes much easier if there is one out there which stands out in most of the ways. One such casino online is Betser. Hero Gaming has introduced Betser in the market and it has taken the casino world by storm. Till some time back, Hero Gaming was popular for its Casino Heroes brand only. However now it has ventured into sportsbook also via Betser. It’s a new concept and it is mainly eyeing those players who are serious about gambling and are there for a while. These players are looking out for something new and Betser is offering exactly that to them.

Betser is basically targeting loyal players. In order to do this successfully, it has a strong loyalty program to offer. The idea is to reward players who are loyal and come back again and again. So it’s a win-win situation for the players. They get to play their favorite games and get rewarded for playing too. Just to get a fair idea of how it works, let’s look at some details:

  • Every bet that a player places, he or she will get some points. These points are Balls or Brains points. The whole concept lies on these points when one talks about loyalty program.
  • Players who go for high end odd bets get rewarded with Balls points. These are risk taker players and hence they get rewarded for the risks that they take.
  • On the other hand, players who go for low odds bets also get rewarded. In this case the reward is in form of the Brains points. This way there is no one who is not getting rewarded. Of course, the points rewarded are different for different categories of players.
  • Balls and Brains points are given to players who play in casino and at table games too.
How to Use Reward Points

Now, the question is how you can redeem these reward points. Various types of reward points can be redeemed for free bets. In addition to this, one can also redeem them for free spins. Both of these can be redeemed in the Locker Room. The Locker Room is basically the store wherein players can buy their rewards by redeeming points.


Furthermore, there are various types of promotions which make Betser unique. There is so much that a player gets when he or she associates with Betser. Let’s have a quick look at the promotions:

  • The Bet Booster – This promotional offer offers the best market odds to the players on combination of matches which are pre-selected.
  • Money back – Under the money back offer, the players can enjoy ‘Balls on the Table’ and the ‘No Brainer’ offers. Here, ‘ballsy’ and the ‘brainy’ players get something back after playing their games.
  • Twosome & Threesome – Under the twosome and threesome offers, a player can enjoy double or triple payout. Players can avail this promotional offer if they get to score twice or three times when they count it from the first goal scorer bet.

This is not all. There is much more. Players can keep accumulating their points and walk up the ladder. There are so many players who fight for the top position. Persistent players can actually reach the top and claim the league title which is a matter of honor. With Betser, the competition is not just with you but one can go for the bigger competition with others also by fighting for the league title.

Betser is available in many languages like English, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Japanese, and German. Getting payments is also simple as there are many options like bank transfer, credit card, Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill, Puggle Pay etc.